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    Benefits of Using Heating Oil

    For more than 40 years, OK Petroleum has been offering top-notch heating oil service for Long Island homeowners and business owners. Offering fast, affordable, and convenient fuel oil services, you can count on OK Petroleum to keep your property warm. While home heating oil may be their claim to fame, this family-owned and operated company also offers a wide range of high-quality products.

    Did you know that heating your home with oil is the best way to stay warm during the winter?

    Using oil not only keeps you and your loved ones warm, but it also saves you money. Heating oil burns 40% less than natural oil. You’re burning less, so you spend less. Keep in mind, if your oil furnace is well-maintained, it can last well over twenty years.

    In order to keep your oil furnace running smoothly, it’s important that you keep your oil furnace in good standing. All you have to do is make sure you check your home oil service at least once a year. Below, we shed some valuable light on how home heating oil is a great alternative for you and your home.

    Does it harm the environment?

    Heating oil has many benefits when you use it for your home or business. Compared to gas, heating oil is significantly better for the environment. It produces bioheat into the environment and renews. Bioheat is the mix of heating oil and biodiesel. Since bioheat is cleaner than gas, it promotes better air quality in your home, and it doesn’t produce the same amount of emissions as traditional oil.

    Because heating oil is cleaner than traditional oil, it can even contribute to the extension of the life of your heating equipment.

    What are the benefits of oil heat?

    • Oil heat is very safe; It is not explosive, and it’s only ignited when heated by a furnace or an oil-burner.
    • Cost-efficient: According to the department of ecology, oil heating heats up 16% better than natural gas.
    • On average, oil heat burns much hotter than natural gas. You are able to heat your home and water much faster.

    How do I know when I need a new oil tank?

    • Rusting and denting: A sign of a faulty tank is when there is corrosion and dent marks begin to appear. It means that there is a decline in how the oil tank is operating.
    • Exposure to the elements: Mostly snow and ice; snow and ice can cause major damage to your oil tank. It can even find a way inside your tank. If you do decide to keep your tank outside and exposed to the elements, make sure you get it regularly checked for possible signs of damage.
    • Vent alarm not working: When you fill your oil tank, you should hear a sound as it’s being filled. If you don’t hear anything, it is an indication that something is wrong and you should get it serviced right away.
    • Unprotected oil lines: Always check on the lines between the tank and furnace. Make sure that the rubber is intact. If it is broken or split, it needs to be serviced as soon as possible.
    • Oil leakage: If you notice that your oil is burning faster than normal, chances are there’s a leak. If you need to change your oil more frequently, it is a clear indication that you need service immediately.
    Best way to protect your oil tank during winter

    • The best way to protect your oil tank during winter is to keep it safe from snow and icicles. After the snow, thoroughly clean your tank with a broom. The broom is much gentler, and can safely get the snow of your tank Make sure if there are icicles nearby, to remove them. Icicles can easily damage your tank.
    • Keep your driveway and pathway cleared for maintenance. Make sure that when you have someone coming over for service, they are able to safely get to the oil tank. You don’t want your maintenance person is able to safely navigate to and from your oil tank without a hitch.
    • When the snow finishes, make sure your oil tank has no damage. If you do suspect that there may be a problem with your tank, call a service technician immediately. Do not try to fix it yourself (unless you are an oil tank service technician).
    Heating oil is crucial for the comfort of you and your family.. By keeping tabs on the oil tank, you can avoid a serious inconvenience and costly repairs. If you’re in need of home heating oil, head to OK Petroleum. They offer a large selection of high-quality heating oil, and will gladly help you select the right one for your home or office.