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    Benefits of Will-Call Oil Delivery

    Do you heat your home or business with oil? Have you been shopping around for a home heating oil company that offers reliable services and affordable prices? If so, then look no further than OK Petroleum! For more than 40 years, this family-owned and operated fuel oil company has been providing Long Islanders with reasonably priced, high-quality oil delivery services. They are committed to offering their customers with exceptional service, and their proven track record of success is a true testament of that commitment. Quite simply, there isn’t another heating oil company on Long Island that can compare to OK Petroleum.

    If you are like many of the property owners on Long Island, you probably heat your home and hot water with oil. When it comes to oil delivery, you have two options: automatic and will-call. A lot of people assume that automatic is the better choice; however, will-call offers several benefits that make it a much more appealing and hassle-free delivery option.

    Not sure what will-call oil delivery is and how it can benefit you? Keep on reading to learn more about this method of heating oil delivery.

    What is Will-Call Oil Delivery?

    As the name suggests, with will-call heating oil delivery, the customer – you – makes the arrangements for oil to be delivered. You keep track of the amount of oil in your tank and place an order when you need it. With automatic delivery, on the other hand, the oil delivery company keeps track of your oil use and automatically schedules oil deliveries when they determine a fill-up is needed.

    5 Benefits of Will-Call

    While the idea of not having to monitor your oil use and schedule deliveries yourself may sound appealing, don’t be mislead; automatic oil delivery may not be as advantageous as it sounds. Before you decide on a method for your oil delivery, consider the benefits of will-call.

    • No contract
      When you opt for automatic oil delivery, you have to sign a contract with a fuel oil delivery provider, and you are bound to that contract until it expires. You may have the option to break the contract, but breaking it will usually cost you. With will-call, you aren’t bound to a contract. You have the freedom to choose any oil delivery company you choose. While you don’t have to sign a contract with OK Petroleum, our customers are usually so satisfied that they continuously call us for their heating oil needs. In fact, we’ve been servicing many of our customers since we first started out in 1976.
    • You choose the amount
      With automatic delivery, you usually can’t choose how much oil you want delivered; instead, the oil company will fill your tank to the top. If you’d prefer to choose how much oil you receive, will-call is a better option because you get to decide how many gallons of oil will be delivered. Whether you want 50 gallons of oil or 500, OK Petroleum will only deliver the amount you choose.
    • No extra fees
      Automatic delivery usually comes with extra fees. That’s because the heating oil company has to cover the cost of any potential risks, and those expenses are included in the cost. With will-call, there aren’t any added fees; you pay for the cost of oil and that’s it. In other words, you’ll pay less to heat your property with will-call.
    • Receive deliveries on your schedule
      Automatic deliveries are made at a time that is most convenient for them. Often, you won’t know what day or time the delivery will be made. When you choose will-call delivery, you choose the date and the time of your delivery. If you’d prefer to know when you’ll receive your oil so that you can be home at the time of delivery, will-call will better suit your needs.
    • Ordering is easy
      Placing an order for a will-call delivery is quick and easy. You can either call the company directly, send them an email, or you can order right online. At OK Petroleum, all you have to do is visit our website to place an order for the amount of oil you would like to receive. For even more simplicity, you can pay for your order online, too!
    Given the benefits of will-call heating oil delivery, it’s easy to see why many people prefer this delivery method to automatic. If you’re interested in arranging an oil delivery for your home or business, contact OK Petroleum today! You can either give them a call, send them an email, or order right from their website. However you decide to order, you’ll receive the same great prices on high-quality oil, and your delivery will be made at a time that is most convenient for you.